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Hemorrhoid Q & A

Hemorrhoids is problem of swollen veins and tissues in the lower rectum and anus which happens when you suffer from constant straining during bowel movements or lift heavy weights. The condition is also known as piles other than hemorrhoid. Other than bowel movements and heavy lifting, some other causes include obesity, pregnancy, constipation and diarrhea. These causes are itself extremely discomforting.

Hemorrhoids are classified into two types:

External hemorrhoid:

As suggested by the name, it is located around the anus. It could result in bleeding if the engorged veins are treated roughly like scratched, broken by straining, wiping or even rubbing too hard.  External Hemorrhoid are mostly very painful.

Internal hemorrhoid:

Internal hemorrhoid is located inside the rectum and they are painful but not necessarily. Pain and itching happen when the hemorrhoid is prolapsed.

What could be the causes of hemorrhoids?

It basically happens when the veins are under-pressure. The three main causes of the illness are mentioned below:


When you apply too much pressure and pass a bowel movement.


Waiting long time period for using the restroom, sitting too long on the toilet seat, and even if you spend a lot of time in sitting throughout the day.

Bodily functions:

Sneezing and coughing could be the reasons as well.

What could be the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Let’s discuss dome of the symptoms so you might be able to understand if your body reacts in a certain way. It is advisable to see the doctor at Family Urgent Care if you want convenient care and proper treatment of your hemorrhoids.

  • The anus produces swelling.
  • Irritation and discomfort around the anus.
  • You may witness blood during a bowel movement.
  • You may feel lump or bump around the anus.

Howt to find a cure?

The best doctors are available at Family Urgent Care which is the best urgent care walk-in clinic near you, ever urgent care is provided here. In case of diagnosing hemorrhoid in you, our doctors suggest:

  • High fiber diet – Reduces constipation.
  • Increase the intake of fluids – Softens the stool.
  • Prescribe medicine – Medicines could be of oral use or ointment or even a medicated suppository for the rectum.
  • Surgery/Quick Procedure – removal of hemorrhoid is also suggested by our doctors.
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