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Sprains And Strains Treatment


Sprains & Strains Treatment Q & A

Injuries like sprains and strains belong to a usual category of illness but both occur in a different way.


It is the tearing or stretching of tissues which are flexible and fibrous, also called as ligaments. These tissues are connective tissues which connect bone to bone, bone to the cartilage or the ones which hold joints together.


While the strain is the stretch or tears but not in tissues, it happens in muscles or tendons which is rather more dangerous. A tendon is a flexible cord made of fibrous connective tissue which connects a muscle to a bone. 

Causes of sprains:

Sprains are caused by the dislocation of the joint. It happens when anything forces a joint against its normal position. Such a situation can happen by incidents like hitting a force, falling through stairs or twisting. The most common sprain injuries occur at the ankle, around three million cases are treated every year. Moreover, the sprains include pain, swelling, instability, loss of mobility, and bruising.

Causes of strains:

Strains are caused by twisting or pulling of either tendons or muscles. The major difference between sprain and strain is that strains are mostly sudden and increases with time. The joint pain gets worse as time passes. Just like sprains, the most common location for strains is the hamstring and back along with pain, muscle spasms, feeling weakness in the affected muscles, cramps, and swelling with bruising, instability, and loss of mobility.

The main victims of sprains and strains:

Usually, sprains and strains can occur to anyone but being specific, there are a few categories which hold the largest number of patients dealing with strains and sprains.

Tennis players:

Due to the repetition in their arm movement.


Mostly because their body remains in water with a continuous motion of hands and feet. 

Golf players:

They can face sudden injury due to the energy they put in to make the right, speedy stroke.


The simplest way to treat sprains and strains is to keep in mind “RICE” as it stands for:


It is extremely necessary to stay at rest while you are diagnosed with the injury. Try to not put on weight on the trauma otherwise it could worsen the condition of tendons and muscles.


Icing is often known to cure the swelling and reducing pain. A quick treatment involved regular icing on the affected area for 10-20 minutes, preferably 4-8 a day for the first 48 hours.


You always need a bandage when strains or sprains take over. Keeping the area under pressure prevents swelling and relieves pain as well.


Last but the least, elevation removes any chances of blood accumulation on the location which helps in the fast treatment of the injury.

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