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Fractures And Dislocations


Fractures & Dislocations Q & A

Some of the most disastrous health conditions can be fractures and dislocations. The displacement of bones and tendons are painful resulting worse conditions. Therefore, if you face any such problem, consult our FamUrgent Care hospitality to treat your matter. This is the matter of urgency so delaying the case would cause unusual and unhealthy problems.

People usually do not understand the basic difference between them. Let us explain you ‘fracture’ and ‘dislocation’ separately.


Fractures are basically the breakage of bones, resulting in swelling, tenderness, deformity, unbearable pain, discomfort, and bleeding. It is a bit less unpleasant than deformity. There are two categories of fractures:

Open Fracture:

When the skin is torn and broken.

Closed Fracture:

Closed fracture refers to the cut, abrasion or tearing of the skin.


It happens with discolouration around the area, immovable joint; the affected area becomes unbendable with pain, bruising, and instability. 

Let us discuss the step you should take in order to take to treat your fracture and dislocation. The foremost step is to go for an X-ray as soon as you feel discomfort in the joints. FamUrgent Care gives best and urgent assistance to the patients who come for an emergency. Half of the diagnosis is made upon the report of the X-Ray.

How to treat fractures and dislocations?

For fractures, the real motive is to get the broken bone joined together. It is important to be first clear if the fracture is present or not. Once the doctor has given the confirmed reports, you shall urgently seek medical aid. Our FamUrgent Care nursing has everything a fracture patient requires for the therapy. The top listed cures for fractures include surgery, therapies (according to the location of the affected area), splint or orthopaedic cast, and medication for recover of bone.

For dislocations, the goal is to get the joint back in place where it belonged to reduce the pain and get back into original shape. These treatments must be necessarily done if you are diagnosed with dislocation in any part of the body: medicines for pain relieve, therapies (using weights), splint or orthopaedic cast, and most importantly, rest.

Visit FamUrgent Care to get proper care for your fractures and dislocation because we truly work for providing urgent clinical care to our patients visiting in emergency.

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