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Foreign Body Removal


Foreign Body Removal Q & A

Many cases have been seen when a foreign body enters the body and disturbs the mechanism of the on-going process inside. The problem is not limited to infants only, adults are victims too. While 80% of the infants are dealt with this problem, 20% of adults are also handled with the same diagnosis of a foreign body.

How does the foreign body get in?

Well, it is not something which happens out of the blue. There could be any thing entering your body through different pathways and cause the inner body to dysfunction. While observing different patients, it was observed that adults get foreign bodies like bugs, insects, ants, cockroaches into their ear and nose. It may not be addressed by the person but the foreign bodies do not find it hard to approach where they target as their pathways are easily available to them.

On the contrary, the results of the toddlers explain that the foreign bodies belong to different category. They are mostly beads, food particles, toy stuff, buttons etc. It is equally dangerous because infants mostly do this on their own while playing.

How to know about it?

If you have something gone inside your ear, or anywhere in any part of the body, you might feel pain and itching in the area along with the following symptoms:

  • You will feel something inside which will cause continuous irritability.
  • If it is in the ear, you might face bleeding from the ear, this could be due to damage occurring in the ear canal done by the foreign body,
  • You might feel nauseous and need to throw up because the ear is directly related to throat and nose.
  • Any the infection could also start inside the affected area because of the body cannot accept foreign particles during its normal functioning. 

How to get rid of the foreign body?

It is preferable to urgently seek for medical help which FamUrgent Care provides the best in terms of the urgent clinic. The following methods, depending upon the area of interest are subjected:

  • If the foreign body is magnetic, it is removed with the help of magnetizing a process which is quite simple.
  • Tweezers or gentle suction is one of the procedures used to remove the foreign body.
  • Irrigation through warm water to clean up the area along with the removal of object is one method too.
  • Rubber catheters are also used to remove objects from the nose specifically. 

Seek urgent help if you find yourself stuck in the problem of foreign body entered in your body. It does not seem to be a big deal from the outer body but one has no idea what damages it can cause in the internal body and its functions.

FamUrgent Care has the most reliable clinical services for patients dealing with complications like these. Visit our clinic if there is any kind of mishap in your ear canal or nasal cavity. We have the most trained staff to give proper nursing to each of our patients and return them home wit no complaints.

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