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Wellness Physicals


Wellness Physicals Q & A

Healthy lifestyle is necessary for everyone to follow, we strongly believe in this. We should always care for our health first and then about anything else. Ft this purpose, we suggest people to get annual check-ups of their physical health to know if everything is proper into function or not. 

What if we tell you that there an amazing facility available for all of you to avail in your very own, the one you know as urgent care near me, Family Urgent Care is here with another vibrant chance to get regular checkup of yours? Yes! That’s true! We are now giving a great deal for everyone who might have never considered it before to get annual checkup of their health.

We firmly believe that being known to your own body condition is important for a healthy living. There is nothing bad is getting to know the internal situation by a few simple tests which are not even really costly.

How do we work?

Our team of professional work in a very simple yet collective way. We work keenly to make the accurate reports of you so there is not any single chance of any error. And for that purpose, we have developed a formula, a methodology which we follow in order to reach the result perfectly. Here are a few questions we ask for maintaining the report:

  • Gender, height and weight of the patient.
  • Family history is extremely important to know, many diseases are genetic and may appear so better be well aware before time.
  • Questions related to drug addiction and sleep schedule have an important place.
  • We make sure that we know about the medicines you are using.
  • We examine the heart rate, working of lungs, eyes checkup, nose, and ears.
  • Some laboratory tests are carried out for the cholesterol, uric acid, glucose, and complete blood count of the body,

Family Urgent Care is the walk-in clinic which means there is no need of any appointments, just come and get yourself analyzed in the hands of best doctors.

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