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Pink Eye


Pink Eye Q & A

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye is extremely dangerous for the people living with the infection. The infection can be easily passed on from one person to another if the infected area is touched and then comes in contact with someone else. Pink Eye can occur to anyone, so precautions and preventions are extremely important. If you suspect you have pink eye, visit the doctors at FamUrgent Care so they could provide you with convenient care and treat you accordingly.

The following are the most likely symptoms of pink eye; these signs can help identify the condition if you're infected:

  • Swelling of the eye with irritating, continuously yellow or grey discharge
  • Crust starts to form along the lash line
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Itchiness along with redness in the eye
  • Continuous tears in the eyes

All these symptoms could be very helpful in knowing if you have pink eye. Other than these symptoms, there are a few things one should be extremely cautious about. If you suspect you have an infection, you should immediately rush to FamUrgent Care clinic, as it a pure family health care clinic with all the urgent care medication you may need available.

  • A detached retina is a very harmful situation
  • A puncture wound to the eye
  • Loss of sight or blurry vision
  • If toxic chemicals enter the eye

With proper and timely treatment, pink eye disappears and does not even cause any complications in the eye. FamUrgent Care offers all the urgent care treatments required by our valued patients.

The preventions for pink eye include:

  • Not rubbing your eyes with unwashed hands
  • Not sharing makeup
  • Staying further from infected people
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