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Flu Shots


Flu Shots Q & A

Flu becomes a big deal with the passage of time if you do not treat it in the right time. Some diseases can harm more than you think because he virus become active and difficult to control. Flu does not only bring sneezing with it, but also fever, body ache, wheezing and fatigue.

People do many remedies to get rid of flue but a few points make the home remedies useless. These are, long time period, the flu becomes contagious till it gets treated, and it is never fully erased from the body. The chances to develop he virus again are most likely to happen. Therefore, there is one simple way to prevent yourself from getting flu in your life, vaccination.

You can get a simple flu shot and free yourself from all the allergies, fever, and other side effects which flu brings with it. You can even get free flu shot by registering yourself into the insurance plan. By the Affordable Care Act, the problem is quite solved. Your clinic must be the one which accepts the insurance so you will easily be able to get the vaccination free of charge. Make your life easy by making your way to the Family Urgent Care and get your vaccine free. We make sure you would not have to spend a single penny once we check our records and reserve your spot for vaccination.

How frequent should I get the vaccine?

The recommended age for flu shots is above 6 months. It is better to prevent yourself and your children from any sort of flu disease later so get the flu vaccination when the age is right. By getting the vaccine once, you ill be prevented from flu infection for about 2/3rd of the year which is extremely safe.

When to not get flu shots?

Yes! This question also arises because a few conditions should be taken under consideration if you are thinking to get flu vaccination.

  • If you have developed allergy for eggs, you must not opt for getting flu vaccination. It may cause diseases and infections as a side effect.
  • You can ask our medical offices about the ingredients included in flu vaccines if you have medicinal infections.
  • The age must be more than six months only then you will be allowed to get vaccination.
  • If some other medicines are in use then we do not suggest you to get vaccine.

When is the alarming condition of developing serious flu?

Not everyone is a high risk of developing flu but those already having asthma, kidney and liver disorders, blood disorders, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic medical conditions are at greater risk of developing serious flu conditions. Other than diseases, young children, pregnant women, old people, and patients with neurological disorders are at stake too.

Flu should be treated as soon as possible!

Flu is contagious which makes it 10 times more dangerous than any other disease. The worse thing about influenza virus is that sharing a common object can spread the virus in a few hours and there is nothing you can do about it.

Flu, when not treated on the right time may even develop ear infections, throat infections, bronchitis, sinusitis or even it may extend to pneumonia.

The flu shots not only help you with prevention from flu but even becomes shield from already existing diseases like if you are a cardiac person, the flu shot will prevent you from cardiac events, similar happens if you have diabetes or any chronic illness. The pregnant women not only save them by the shot but also their child is safe from flu post birth.

Visit Family Urgent Care and get the flu shot for free but do not forget to get the insurance first!

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