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Bug Bites


Bug Bites Q & A

It is routine to have bugs and beetles around if you work in the garden or even in the attic. Their bug bites can be extremely painful and allergic. A bit of swelling, pain, itching, and redness is quite common to have after being the victim of a bug bite. Some simple home remedies work fine for these injuries. But, sometimes, it could be worse, causing an infection to spread as well. Some symptoms for bug bites include:

  • Allergic reactions may manifest as coughing, wheezing, shock, swollen lips, tongue, ears, eye lids, hands, feet, and mucous membranes, lightheadedness, and hives. This situation should be immediately treated, so rush to Family Urgent Clinic at once
  • Toxic reactions due to multiple stings
  • Skin reaction with swelling and redness all over the area, which may even extend from the elbow to shoulder that is from one joint to another
  • Skin infection
  • A viral infection, possibly West Nile Virus, which may even cause inflammation of the brain
  • Parasite infection

There is no better cure than prevention; these could be really harmful to the sufferer and even those living with them. Pay a visit to Family Urgent Care if you have a questionable bug bite.

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