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Asthma Q & A

One of the rarest diseases which can happen to anyone is asthma. Asthma patients are truly very sensitive to the atmosphere. The worst thing about their condition is that they always need an immediate cure; otherwise, the problem can become severe within seconds. FamUrgent Care has the best urgent care unit, which looks after sensitive cases individually.

Asthma can occur to anyone. It is diagnosed by physicians who investigate the health history of their patients. Sometimes, asthma is genetically transferred, and sometimes allergies are the root cause. However, testing is carried out to confirm the problem. The physician checks the breathing, lung functioning, and inspects the nasal passages. The results inform your doctor's diagnosis.


Asthma appears in the form of attacks that can happen anywhere, based upon the environment. When the particles irritate the airways, the surrounding muscles tighten. Allergens like smoke, dust particles, heavy exercise, and air pollutants are most likely to cause asthma attacks.

People who have asthma also complain of the weather changes and how it creates an impact on their condition. Wind, uncertain temperature conditions, storms, etc. could become the prime reason for an asthma attack.


FamUrgent Care provides timely and comprehensive care to all asthma patients. There is no space for delaying the treatment. Here is a way asthma can be treated:

Using inhaled corticosteroids helps in the long-term cure of asthma as it works for reducing the irritability of the airways. It treats the inflamed airways, which results in reduced asthma attacks.

You can find every type of cure at the FamUrgent Cure clinic to get treatment for your asthma attacks. We look out for all patients, and our clinic is equipped with the best staff and professionals. We deal with every kind of need because we are best at urgent care.

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