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Allergies Q & A

Allergies are not diseases, but they might bring some extremely uncomfortable symptoms with them. Typically, a person having an allergy suffers through sneezing, cough, runny nose, fatigue, and fever. People who are allergic to specific things can get into serious health issues. The immune system is affected as certain particles enter the body. Histamines are chemicals that are released when the body is in the state of defense against foreign particles.

Let us have a look at the allergies classified as common:


Yes! Medicines could cause allergic reactions too. If they are capable of treating a patient, that does not mean that they cannot develop allergies. Some medicines are not suitable for some people, and they can develop allergies to certain ingredients used in that medicine.


Dust is most likely to be an allergic component for so many people. Especially the ones having weak immunity towards flu and cold, develop allergies when they experience dust around them.

POLLEN: Pollen is also an allergen. It mostly affects people when the weather takes a turn.


Chemicals can prompt an immune response for a variety of reasons. Sometimes their smell, color, or texture prompts an allergic reaction. Chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, floor cleaners, and other air contaminants could be dangerous for an allergic person.


There are many ingredients which can be allergic into different ways like skin, hair or any other. Some people are allergic to seafood, some cannot have dry fruits, some cannot even have a taste of anything having dairy products into them.

Animal Dander:

Some pet lovers cannot have their pets at home because they suffer though allergies caused due to animal dander.

Insect Stings:

For many people, mosquito bite is nothing but for some part of the people, it could bring a drastic situation to them.

Allergies are best treated by prevention. Other ways which help in cutting down the infection from the body is applying home remedies. People have given good feedbacks when the following remedies were suggested by the Family Urgent Care doctors. They hold expertise in their fields and work on the urgent care cases more thoroughly to give in time treatment to the patients. It is very important that you treat and diagnose the allergies at the earliest, else there could be increase in them which then becomes costly as well. So, let us give you with some of the best solutions of allergies, we have come across uptil now:

  • Hygiene is the key to healthy living. Keep your sheets, sitting area and most importantly your toilets clean. With no development of bacterial growth, you and your family will have a save living without any chance of getting allergies. Sometimes, the old sheets and sofas accompany dust particles and unwanted bacteria starts growing there.
  • Get yourself an air purifier which sucks off all the dust particles, pollen and dew away. The cleaner the better and safe. Keep the air conditioner’s duct neat and clean, it has a lot of particles stuck which lets them enter the room your breath in.
  • Clean your house using a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid opening windows unnecessarily. We suggest to prefer air conditioner over ventilation. By opening the windows, pathways for dust and pollution also open.
  • Instead of using a simple vacuum cleaner, we would rather appreciate if you use a HEPA filter on your cleaner, it has the capability to suck off the tiniest of particles.

Do not confuse cold with any kind of allergy. Cold lasts for around 2 weeks, the color of mucus is yellow, while in allergies, time period is never certain neither the mucus is yellow, it has no color. Vsist Family Urgent Care to get rid of any type of doubts and have an urgent care at your service.

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