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When Telehealth Might Be the Right Choice for You

When Telehealth Might Be the Right Choice for You

Once upon a time, the biggest hurdles in going out were traffic, overcrowded parking lots, and people who fell behind in the checkout line because they were staring at their phones. Today, even after the most deadly peaks in the historic COVID-19 pandemic have passed, remnants of the necessary changes stay with us, including some patients’ preference to see their doctor without commuting. 

Telemedicine is a safe and reliable way for Asrar Sheikh, MD, and Teofilo Vinluan, MD to connect with patients and provide the best care—all over a secured, HIPAA-compliant internet connection. Our staff of compassionate medical professionals at Family Urgent Care in the Chicago area work with Drs. Sheikh and Vinluan to offer the best care experience for patients, in-office or online.

What is telehealth? 

At the apex of premium care and accessibility is telehealth, the virtual option for primary care for anyone who needs medical attention. Telehealth isn’t brand new; the option has existed for doctors to use technology to understand sickness for a number of years. 

The original telehealth prototype was available as early as the 1940s and 1950s, when doctors used their latest technology to send medical images back and forth, exchanging information and analyses. It wouldn’t be until much later that this urgently needed technology was extended to the general population. 

That time came around 1960 when the first substantial patient-centered telehealth program was released by the state of Nebraska to target vulnerable people. Since then, telehealth has come a long way and continues to make impressive strides in terms of efficiency and patient satisfaction.

What can be diagnosed through telehealth?

The beauty of telehealth is that you have a trusted professional at your fingertips. Telehealth also leaves open the option for a patient to come into the office for more serious concerns that require testing, injections, or a physical exam. Dr. Sheik and Dr. Vinluan can work with you to find a time and date that works for your needs, and for your schedule.

One of the best ways to use telehealth is when you’re experiencing flu- or cold-like symptoms. Not only can we diagnose your illness, but we can also readily suggest the best and most cost-effective medication available. This also applies to COVID-19, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other upper respiratory illnesses. 

Issues with acne, rashes, ear infections, fever, feminine health, and other common concerns can all be diagnosed face-to-face over our HIPAA-compliant telehealth system.

Is telehealth right for me? 

Telehealth is right for anyone who chooses to use it, though your provider may ask you to come into the office to ensure that you receive the care that you need in order to return to your normal routine. Telehealth is made for anyone who needs easy access to a provider without the stress of commuting, parking, and waiting your turn in a room full of sick—or unknowingly sick—people. 

Telehealth is a perfect complement to the digital age, and the ease of access helps to level the playing field for people with limited time to commute and wait inside the doctor’s office. If you’re not feeling well, call one of our offices for an appointment, or book online for a telehealth appointment with us today. 

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