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The Many Benefits of Telehealth

The Many Benefits of Telehealth

As the internet has grown and spread all over the world, so have a number of innovations to deliver quality care to deserving patients. Telehealth became extremely important in 2020, during the peak of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Now, telehealth has taken on a new importance in care. 

Asrar Sheik, MD and Teofilo Vinluan, MD head our offices at Family Urgent Care in the Chicago, Illinois area. Together, they offer telehealth appointments that fit your unique health and scheduling needs. Choosing telehealth isn’t just about social distancing, but also about making healthcare easier to access. 

Telehealth is the new form of trusted care

To be able to provide effective care, as well as to protect the privacy of our patients, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, has specific guidelines for telehealth platforms used by healthcare practitioners. Because of these regulations, your personal information must be diligently protected, else the practice would violate the law.  

Care when you can

The convenience of telehealth cannot be overstated. From saving time commuting to the doctor’s office to being able to use what you may already have to treat yourself and get back to your daily life, telehealth saves you time, keeps you from having to worry about transportation, and offers appointments that fit your schedule. No more missing work to go to the doctor! 


Without having to wait in a room with several strangers that you may not know, you can visit with your doctor in the comfort of your home, your home office, or even your backyard. All you need is a reliable and secure internet connection, a computer, and a list of your symptoms.

An additional benefit to this level of privacy is the ability to relax and focus on telling your provider what is bothering you. When you have the privacy and care that you need, it’s easier for your provider to understand what is going on with your health, and easier for you to remember what you need to talk about. 

Social distancing

Far from the only benefit of telehealth, in the age of highly infectious and contagious respiratory illnesses, staying home could save lives — including your own. Your primary care physician will already know about the conditions that you’ve living with, including anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension. 

With telehealth, it’s easier to have frank and honest discussions with your provider without having to worry about exposure to COVID-19, the flu, or any other airborne disease. Getting a complete diagnosis might necessitate an in-person appointment, but your provider can let you know during your virtual appointment. 

I’m ready for my telehealth appointment.

If you need medical care, we can assist you with a telehealth appointment. We will tell you whether or not an in-person follow-up is necessary, and whether or not you need additional testing. If you’re not feeling well, call one of our offices in either Schererville, Indiana, or Chicago, or book online with us today.

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